martes, 21 de septiembre de 2021

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Recopilación de álbumes lanzados.

No sabes que escuchar para esta semana?. En esta sección compartiremos algunas recomendaciones que pueden ser de tu interés oyente. 

Injury Reserve - By the Time I Get to Phoenix (Experimental Hip Hop)

Thrice - Horizons / East (Alternative Rock/Post-Hardcore)


 Adia Victoria - A Southern Gothic (Singer-Songwriter/Blues Rock)  

 Moor Mother - Black Encyclopedia of the Air (Abstract Hip Hop)  
 MONO - Pilgrimage of the Soul (Post-Rock/Ambient)
 RP Boo - Established! (Footwork/Electronic) 
  Carcass - Torn Arteries (Death Metal) Meridian Brothers -Paz En La Tierra (Cumbia/Latino) Lord Juco - Raised Right (Rap) Aaron Cartier - SMILE SEASON (Trap) Employed to Serve - Conquering (Metalcore) ZillaKami - DOG BOY (Trap Metal/Hip Hop) HTRK - Rhinestones (Ambient Pop) PawPaw Rod - A PawPaw Rod EP (Hip Hop) Eto & TrickyTrippz - Eto Brigante: El Paraiso Edition (Rap) Modern Woman - Dogs Fighting In My Dream (Art Rock) p4rkr - drive-by lullabies (Electronic/Hyperpop) Unusual Demont - Hues (R&B) Pa Salieu - Afrikan Rebel (Afrobeat/Hip Hop) Mini Trees - Always In Motion Kyle Dion - Sassy (R&B) Makoto - What You Need Scale & Feather - Age of Giants (Post Metal/Post Rock) Jordan Rakei - What We Call Life (R&B) Sofa - Source Crossfire (Garage Rock) Spiritbox - Eternal Blue (Alternative Metal) Lil Nas X - MONTERO (Pop Rap)  
 Toby Fox - DELTARUNE Chapter 2 (Original Game Soundtrack)   生活B E Y O N D - 夢の彫像 (Vaporwave) Curren$y & Kino Beats - Matching Rolexes (Hip Hop) Cold Beat - War Garden (Post Punk) Tagore - Maya (Indie Brasil) Hong Kong Express Lucid To It (Vaporwave) Kinkajous - Being Waves Killy Shoot & Giallo Point - Main South (Rap) Bouquet - Cardinal (Post-Hardcore/Emo) Yvette - How the Garden Grows (Industrial Rock) The Felice Brothers - From Dreams to Dust (Folk Rock) M1llionz - Provisional Licence (Hip Hop) Adrian Dzvuke - Phone Me When You Lonely  
 Marlon Craft - HOMECOURT ADVANTAGE, VOL. 1 (Hip Hop)  
 Insomnium - Argent Moon (Melodic Death Metal)

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