jueves, 11 de junio de 2020

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Buju Banton To Perform At BET's 'Saving OurSelves' COVID-19 Relief ...

Solo dos años más, el legendario cantante jamaicano, Buju Banton fue liberado de prisión después de pasar casi una década encarcelado por cargos de drogas. Este año, Banton ha causado una gran impresión al trabajar con personas como dvsn ("Dangerous City") y John Legend ("Memories").

Con el último de los sencillos mencionados para liderar su próximo álbum, Banton ha revelado la fecha de lanzamiento y la lista de canciones para su próximo álbum, Upside Down.

Veinte pistas de profundidad, el álbum cuenta con apariciones especiales de John Legend, Pharrell Williams, Stefflon Don y Stephen Marley. Disponible para pre-pedido este viernes 12 de junio, el álbum estará disponible para que todos lo escuchen el 26 de junio.

Echa un vistazo a el artwork y la lista de canciones a continuación.

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As we approach this shift in time, in ages, in the consciousness of man, many things can be said but who is really listening? So much trouble in our world, yet are we aware? The battle lines have been drawn and it’s simple. Good vs. evil. I am not here to tell you the side you should be on, rather my offering of music is meant to guide, inspire, uplift, educate and eradicate negativity from the minds of the masses. We, who have been the political football of many, the economic underdog nations, say no! No more to this upside down system. This one sided view of justice and all the other issues affecting us as a people. While I seek to highlight the systemic problems around the world, I am aware of the need of preserving dancehall culture along with the real essence that reggae music offers but these are not normal times so things cannot continue as normal. We are the change we seek and it’s our time to cement this thought in the minds of our youth. To open their eyes, thus enabling future generations to continue on a firm path and solid foundation with music doing it’s job as the great healer, teacher, comforter and above all, the restorative force that propels human beings to higher heights. My gift from Jah to you. Let’s get this UPSIDE DOWN 2020 world right side up. - BB June 26th album available everywhere Pre-order available this Friday #upsidedown2020
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